(English version) Katie Lou Samuelson and the importance of Mental Health

Katie Lou Samuelson (Huntington Beach, California) is the youngest of three sisters, all linked to basketball: Bonnie, Karlie and Lou. Both of her sisters played at Stanford University, but Lou wanted to create her own path and chose to cross the country to play with UCONN, a college with a history of creating stars. Diana […]


(English version) “To change the perspective or the life of another person is a victory for me”

If we put together in the same person a successful elite athlete and a natural advocator who fights to improve society, the result is someone like Natasha Cloud. The Washington Mystic’s player has proved that basketball is the most important thing out of the least important ones. Her voice and, her energy moves beyond the […]


(English version) Gabby Williams: If it is easy, then you are doing it wrong

Gabrielle Lisa Williams, better known as Gabby Williams, was born on September 9 in Reno, Nevada (USA). Why does the American forward play with France then? Gabby, known to all as Spooky G, decided earlier this year that she would play for the French national team, according to the fact that she has dual American-French […]